Thursday, 10 February 2011

What do you do if the M6 and the M6 Toll Roads are closed and you want to go round Birmingham

This is a game a little similar to Mornington Crescent. What would you do if you were marooned on one side of Birmingham and wanted to get to the other side but could not use the M6 and the M6 Toll Road.

The answer in our pub, The Lump, takes about 30 mins to detail - just turn up on a Monday night and ask the regulars who will revel in trying to spin it out for the longest.

The answer however is very simple - find the A38 at Sutton Coldfield, or the A5 at Hinckley or the A34 at Shirley, stay on them and do not deviate away under any circumstances. It may take hours, but you will sooner or later drive through Birmingham and out the other side.

My mate Charlie the Canute once said that Birmingham is where he plans to go to die, as if he ends up in Hell he wouldnt notice too much of a difference to Birmingham City Centre. 

A bit harsh I think?

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