Sunday, 19 December 2010

International Book Trespass Day update

International Book Trespass day has gone well. It was great to meet you all in Mold, Warrington, Liverpool and Manchester. Hurrah to the oppressed authors of the UK and down with the monetarist capitalist pigs who run our bookshops and control our publishers.

You will all be very pleased (obviously excluding members of the secret service, the police and the capitalist lackeys who are reading this to glean intelligence about our protests) to know that there are now over 150 copies of the Fatman’s Guide to not Being Fat carefully placed on the shelves of bookshops across the North West, and well over 200 other authors’ books in bookshops across the UK as a result of our ground breaking, revolutionary action.

We are due in Chester today at 3..30pm and looking forward to meeting many more of our supporters who are giving their time and risking their liberty to make the publishers & bookshop owners pay attention to the demands of the small man on the street.

See you in Chester! Keep the protests real, don’t hit policemen or urinate over shop windows. Policemen have feelings too and your urine can actually melt the shop window causing distress to window fitting company workers. Solidarity with the workers!

Timetable for our action has been removed to prevent the police and the book shops’ private security companies following us as we travel the country.  (Blog Ends).

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